Date: 31/08/2020

Sustainability in focus at Delhaize Serbia

The retail chain achieved major advances in sustainability in 2019

Embracing responsibility and employing a strategic approach to issues important to society as a whole, Delhaize Serbia has greatly improved the sustainability of its operations whilst pursuing a number of initiatives, from environmental protection projects, to community support and food donation drives, to diversifying its product portfolio to include a greater variety of healthy food choices, thereby increasing consumer awareness of the importance of a healthier, more balanced diet.

In 2019, the company reduced its overall carbon emissions by 2.55 percent, cut energy consumption by 2.1 percent, and recycled more than 12,000 tonnes of the waste it generated.

An additional four Maxi supermarkets now boast environmentally friendly cooling systems.

‘We find it very important to draw on our responsible approach to doing business to inspire both consumers and partners to launch initiatives together, as that is the only way we can change things for the better. Responsible management of food surpluses is a priority for us, and this is the sixth year in a row that we have donated fruit and vegetables. We have been working with our partners at the United Nations to develop a new, online model for donating food that will allow us to reach even more of those who need help’, said Milana Jević Gledović, Vice President of Legal Affairs and Asset Protection at Delhaize Serbia.

Last year alone the company donated over 1,000 tonnes of foodstuffs, and has been collaborating with Belgrade Food Bank to provide fruit and vegetables to more than 70 charities every day.

Many learning events for consumers and staff were also held last year to promote awareness of the importance of a balanced diet. To make choosing healthier food easier, more than 90 percent of the company’s own brand products now display additional nutrition information on the front of the packaging.