Date: 29/09/2020

AmChamps 007 – Business Transformation

In the second online seminar, participants in the AmChamps 007 programme were able to gain first-hand knowledge of business transformation.

For this module the panellists came from Philip Morris International: the presenters were Ivan Miletić, Director External Affairs South East Europe, and Milica Jović, People & Culture Director South East Europe.

At the very beginning, Ivan and Milica told the participants more about the company and their own personal and professional paths that led them to working at Philip Morris. The presentation focused on the significance and need for business transformation in the operation and growth of any firm. Ivan and Milica explained how important it was for their company to innovate tobacco products. They also spoke about the significance, persistence, and extent of business changes, as well as about improvements to day-to-day administrative and business processes that these changes bring about. They emphasised challenges with introducing product innovations in a company, where the best solutions were to be found first and foremost in open communication with employees.
The participants were also able to speak with the presenters about the impact on Covid-19 on business and relationships within their company.

Watch the video of this event here.