Date: 06/11/2020

Apatin Brewery declared first Family Friendly Enterprise in FMCG sector

The brewery is Serbia’s first fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company to be certified as a Family Friendly Enterprise (FFE)

Family Friendly Enterprise certificates are awarded by the certifying body TMS pursuant to standards elaborated by the Slovenian Ekvilib Institute. Only a handful of companies in Serbia are certified FFEs, and by joining this exclusive community Apatin Brewery has demonstrated that caring for employees and ensuring their satisfaction were key for its business.

‘Private health insurance; a focus on well-being through our internal platform ‘How Are You Today?’ that allows staff to get involved in activities that promote health, the family, healthy lifestyles, and personal prosperity; organised employee events; flexible working hours; working from home; personal development courses; and a rewards programme – these are the benefits that Apatin Brewery offered its staff even before getting this certificate. The FFE accreditation will additionally raise the bar for our concept and reinforce our orientation on our people, who are always our top priority’, said Danilo Pušonja, General Manager of Apatin Brewery.

Over the coming three years, Apatin Brewery will introduce more perks, including more flexibility in working arrangements and working hours, strengthened human resources support, and financial assistance for its employees, the company announced in a statement.

‘The new opportunities will include more days off for staff whose kids are just starting elementary school, broad-based remote working options, leave for family emergencies, support for fathers caring for their children and mothers returning to work after maternity leave. These have all been chosen by our employees and are all necessary for modern-day families at this challenging time. Listening to our co-workers’ needs and promoting work-life balance is the best way to create a working environment where everyone will feel good and motivated’, explained Dragan Rosić, Human Resources Director at Apatin Brewery.