Date: 06/04/2021

Gebrüder Weiss obtains ISO:14001 certification

Transport and logistics provider Gebrüder Weiss has been certified as compliant with Serbian environmental legislation

Gebrüder Weiss operates a long-term sustainability strategy, with a key objective being to reduce its CO2 emissions by 10 percent annually. To that end, Gebrüder Weiss has to date showcased a variety of environmentally friendly options for powering its vehicle fleet.

An ISO:14001 certificate is proof of the company’s commitment to social responsibility, as well as its respect for its staff and the environment. Protecting the environment and continuously investing in employees is crucial to success, as borne out by the huge success recorded by Gebrüder Weiss last year, despite the pandemic crisis.

‘This success is founded on our employees, whose development, education, and safety are our daily concerns. This certificate is proof we’re on the right track’, said Marija Dimitrijević, Controlling, HSEQ Branch Management at Gebrüder Weiss.