Date: 22/12/2021

Illicit trade inspection workshop

More than 40 officers of inspection bodies and other government authorities, the Inspections Co-ordinating Commission Support Unit, business associations, and companies took part in a two-day workshop that aimed at identifying steps needed for continued improvement of inspection oversight of illicit trade

The event, held at the Crni Vrh Hotel in Divčibare, presented flowcharts developed by the Working Party to Address Illicit Trade set up by the Inspections Co-ordinating Commission since 2018 in areas such as illicit trade online, illicit trade in tobacco, base oils, coffee, flour, textiles, used vehicles, and aftermarket vehicle parts. The participants agreed that individual inspections services ought to improve information-sharing and co-ordination to ensure joint inspections are more efficient and effective.

The participants also discussed proposals for closer co-ordination of inspections and how to extend the scope of the existing flowcharts (for base oils) and agreed to suspend some flowcharts (such as that for flour) due to reduced risk. Possible new flowcharts were assessed to aid in combating illicit trade in both imported and locally made spirits. The hosts presented the plan to develop software that would permit businesses to apply for new flowcharts with Inspections Co-ordinating Commission Working Parties, as well as an application to expedite and facilitate reporting of how flowcharts are implemented.

One issue that attracted particular attention was treatment of goods seized during inspections. The participants resolved to ensure the Working Party to Address Illicit Trade was focused on this aspect to produce a systemic solution.

The inspectors concluded to submit all proposals for amending flowcharts discussed at individual sessions during the workshop, as well as any suggestions made subsequently, to the Working Party to Address Illicit Trade of the Inspections Co-ordinating Commission for formal consideration and enactment.