AmCham working groups serve as a constructive platform for joint advocacy and sharing experiences activities of AmCham member companies and other interested stakeholders, aimed at establishing and maintaining dialogue on key topics of mutual interest, accordingly reaching agreement and initiating common actions.


Working groups can have different forms (e.g. committee, forum and other). Decision on the form, its establishment, operation and dissolution falls under supervision of AmCham Board of Governors.


There are two types of the working groups’ membership: general and associated. The first one is reserved for the representatives of AmCham companies (with voting rights), while the other is available to the representatives of companies and organizations as well as individuals outside of AmCham (without voting rights), upon invitation.

If you are interested in becoming a Committee member, we invite you to contact the Committee leaders or our Executive Team for further information.


Elections for the leadership positions in AmCham working groups are conducted via email, according to the following, five-step procedure:

1) Call for the elections with nomination and voting instructions
2) Nominations
3) Voting
4) Announcement of the voting results
5) Approval of the Chairperson by the AmCham Board of Governors

Only general members have the right to nominate, to be nominated, to vote, to be voted and to be elected for the position at the Steering Committee. No company shall have more than one vote or more than one seat at a Steering Committee.

Leadership roles

Steering Committees are elected for the two year terms and members can be reelected for unlimited number of consecutive terms.

Chairperson shall propose a plan of activities and shall be in charge for managing the general and structural aspects of working group: developing action plans and overseeing their implementation, coordinating internal communication, delegating duties to working group members, representing working group at meetings with stakeholders and in media (upon the approval of AmCham President or AmCham Executive Director).

Vice Chairperson shall be in charge for managing working group in absence of the Chairperson, significantly contributing and proactively engaging in a process of election and performance of working group’s agenda and action plans.

Leadership elections for 2016-2018

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Leadership elections for 2017-2019

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